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About Us

RRods Inc. was started in 2001 by Randy Nelson. Prior to starting his own business, Randy spent 4 years working for Sieg Co. Auto Parts. before joining Napa in 1984. He spent the next 17 years in 6 different Napa stores selling Sherwin Williams paint and various supplies for body shops. Between everything he learned from Napa and the hands-on experience he was able to get from body shop owners, Randy gained a good understanding of the shop owner’s wants and needs as well as what it takes to run their shops. 


New Growth

With the feeling that none of the big companies were taking care of the shops like they needed to be, Randy made it his mission to help the shops get what they needed to be successful. RRods was born. Since 2001, RRods Inc. has grown to have a great customer base of loyal body shops centered around Northeast Iowa.

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